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Elevators are the epitome of awkward spaces. After all, you're in a very small, enclosed area with people you've never seen before. Your personal spaceis violated, and you can't very well ask people to back away.电梯是一个经常会令人感到尴尬的空间。毕竟,你是在与陌生人处在一个狭小而封闭的环境中。你的私人空间受到侵犯,但你也不好叫别人站开一点。

While I can't make your claustrophobia vanish, I can offer some tips on how to make the trip up a skyscraper less miserable. Just remember that you're not the only one who feels the way you do. 虽然我不能让你的幽闭恐惧症消失,我可以提供一些建议,让你在登上摩天大楼的旅程中,不再那么痛苦。请记住,在电梯尴尬这件事上,你并不孤独。

Elevator tips: 电梯提示:

1,Stand back while waiting.As soon as you approach the elevator, press the arrow button of the direction you want to go, unless it is lit up, indicating that it has already been pushed. Then take a couple of steps back so that when the elevator stops on your floor people can exit without bumping into you. 1,在等待的时候往后站。在你到达电梯门口之时,请马上按下你想去的方向的按钮,除非那个按钮已经亮了,那表明它已经被按过了。接着后退几小步,这保证在电梯到达的时候,里面出来的人不会碰撞到你。

2, Step forward with caution.After you are sure everyone who is getting off on your floor has exited, it's time to board. It's best to let the person going the farthest on first so the first person to get off will be closer to the door, but that's not always possible. 2,小心行走。在确定所有想要来这层楼的人都已经走出电梯后,你再走进去。最好让去最远楼层的人先进去,因为这样第一个下电梯的人会是最靠近门的,但是这种情况通常不可能。

3Make allowances for disabled people.If someone is in a wheelchair or has a walker, crutches, or cane, offer assistance and allow room for their devices. Never stare at them or do anything that would make them uncomfortable. 3,主动帮助残疾人。如果有人坐着轮椅或拄着拐杖,请主动为他们提供帮助并为他们的轮椅或拐杖腾出足够的空间。不要盯着他们看或做任何使他们感到不舒服的事情。

4Press hold to keep the door open. Sometimes an elevator door will start to close before everyone is on. Find the hold button and press it. If there isn't one, you should be able to physically hold the door open by touching the rubber stopper directly on the door. Don't hold the door for someone who isn't already there. If you are waiting for someone who hasn't yet arrived, don't get on. 4,按下开门按钮。有时电梯门会在乘客还没有全部进去之前就开始关上。那就请找到那个开门的按钮,并一直按住。如果没有开门的按钮,你应该能通过按住那个橡胶停止器,而让门一直开着。不要为了等待不在场的人,而把门一直开着。如果你要等的人还没有来,那就先不要上电梯。

5Know the direction the elevator is going.Before you step onto the elevator, check whether it is going up or down. This will save you time in an enclosed area and will free up space for others who need to get on. 5,了解电梯去往的方向。在你走上电梯之前,请看清电梯是在上升还是下降。这会为减少你在封闭环境中的时间,并且为其他需要上电梯的人腾出空间。

6Press the button. As soon as you step onto the elevator, press the button of the floor you want. If you aren't close enough to reach it, ask someone else to do it with a polite "please" and "thank you." On the other hand, if you are closest to the button panel, offer to press the buttons for others. 6,按按钮。当你走到电梯时,请马上按下你想要去的楼层的按钮。如果因为太挤,你按不了的话,那就礼貌地请别人帮你按,记得要说“麻烦了”或者“谢谢”。同理,如果你是最靠近按钮面板的话,记得去帮别人按按钮。

7Stand as close to the wall of the elevator as you can.This will enable more people to get on without having to maneuver around you. If you are in the back of the elevator, and you need to get off soon, simply say, "I'm getting off at the next floor." This gives others a chance to let you get closer to the door. 7,在电梯里面尽量靠边站。这会让你免于其他上电梯的人的推挤。如果你站在电梯的后面,而你很快就要下电梯了,那就请简单地说,“我在下一层要下”。这样讲的话,其他人会为你腾出空间,让你靠近电梯门的。

8Be polite.Never push or shove anyone on an elevator. That's never appropriate behavior … anywhere or at any time. 8,要有礼貌。在电梯里面,不要推或挤别人。这在何时何地都不是良好的行为。

9Don't talk too much.Being on an elevator with a bunch of people may seem like a captive audience to test your latest joke, but please try to refrain. You may say, "Good afternoon," or "Have a nice day," to others in the elevator as you're boarding or getting off, but you don't have to make conversation.It makes many people uncomfortable. 9,不要说太多话。跟一大帮人挤在电梯里面可能是一个测试你最新想到的笑话的好机会,但请抑制住这样的冲动。在你上电梯或者下电梯的时候,你可以跟别人说,“下午好”或者“祝你今天过得愉快”,但你没有必要开始一段谈话。这可能会让很多人感到不舒服。

10Don't cough or sneeze on people.Sometimes it's difficult to keep your germscontained in such close quarters, but that's all the more reason you should be respectful. If you feel a cough or sneeze coming on, try to use a tissue or handkerchief. When you don't have time to grab one, use the crook of your elbow. 10,不要对着别人咳嗽或打喷嚏。在这么狭小的空间里面,病菌很容易传播,正因为如此,你更应该要尊重别人。当你感觉你快要咳嗽或打喷嚏的时候,请使用纸巾或手帕。如果你来不及掏出纸巾或手帕,那就用你的胳膊肘吧。

11Exit as quickly as possible.When the door opens at your floor, be prepared to step off the elevator. That doesn't mean you should shove your way through the crowd. Politely say, "Excuse me, this is my floor," and as soon as you have a clear path, leave. Don't stand too close to the elevator door after you get off because it may not shut. 11,尽快出门。当电梯到达你那一层的时候,请做好下电梯的准备。但这并不代表你要推挤别人。礼貌地说,“不好意思,我在这一层下。”而如果别人给你让出路来的话,那就马上下电梯吧。当你下电梯之后,不要站得太靠近电梯门,因为可能还有其他人需要上下电梯。