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For many models, slipping on a pair of Angel wings is the ultimate dream. Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel means you’ll be joining the ranks of superstars like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Helena Christensen, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bundchen, and Adriana Lima. The fashion show, the travel, the lucrative contracts—who wouldn’t want to be part of such an elite club?对很多模特来说,能够有朝一日戴上维密天使超模才有的一双羽翼是个终极梦想。成为维密天使超模意味着你首先要能够格进入超级明星的行列,比如泰雅·班克斯,海蒂·克鲁姆,海琳娜·克里斯廷森,史蒂芬妮·西摩,吉赛尔·邦辰和阿德利亚娜·利马这样的。维密内衣秀,硬照拍摄旅行,巨利的合同——谁不想成为维密的一员呢?

But beyond the heavenly bodies, glowing skin, and girl-next-door sexiness, what does it take to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel?但是拥有了魔鬼身材,亮丽的肌肤以及邻家女孩的性感以后,为了成为天使超模,你还需要什么条件呢?

And how do you become one?我该怎么做?

The answer isn’t one-size-fits all (it never is in the modeling world), but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.答案是因人而异的(在模特界从来没有唯一标准),但做到以下所说,你成为维密一员的可能就会大一些。

Meet the Basic Requirements符合基本要求

As with all modeling gigs, there are no hard rules when it comes to basic physical requirements. But in general, aspiring Victoria’s Secret Angels must:除去一般当模特的要求,天使超模基本的形体要求方面没有苛求的规则。但大体上,一个有抱负野心的维密天使应该满足:

1.Be between the ages of 18–30 (yes, it’s okay to be a little “older”)1.年龄18到30岁之间(年龄允许在稍大一点)

2.Be healthy and in great shape 2.健康且身材极佳

3.Have a slim build, yet be slightly more voluptuous than a typical runway model(34-24-34, give or take an inch, is the industry standard)3.拥有纤细窈窕的身材,但有要比一般走台模特更性感一些(行业标准三维:34-24-34)

4.Be between 5’8’’ and 6’0’’4.身高在172到182厘米之间。

Get Signed by a Major Agency与主流代理商签约

Victoria’s Secret only accepts submissions regarding modeling jobs through leading modeling agencies or through other established business relationships. In other words, if you aren’t signed to a major agency, your chances of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model are pretty much zero.维密只接受一流模特代理商或其他与维密确立合作关系公司的超模推送,。也就是说,如果没有与主流代理签约,你成为维密天使的可能几乎为零。

You’ll have the best chance of getting noticed if you’re signed with Ford or Elite Models in New York City.在纽约与福特超模公司或精英模特公司签约会使你拥有被维密注意到的最大可能。

Victoria’s Secret has a long-standing arrangement with these agencies and they’re the first place the lingerie brand looks for new models. But that doesn’t mean you absolutely have to be with these agencies. As long as you’re with a well-known agency, preferably in New York City, you’ll still have a chance of being considered.维多利亚的秘密和这两个模特代理商有着长期的合同往来,他们是这个内衣公司招新的首选之处。但这也不意味着你一定要签约这两个公司不可。如果你加入了一个知名的模特代理公司,最好在纽约,你还是有机会加入维密的。

If you are signed to a big-name agency like Ford or Elite, the next step is to make sure they’re doing everything possible to fulfill your dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Model. As Taylor Hill told Fashionista.com, “Since I signed with IMG, their goal for me has always been Victoria's Secret; they've been grooming me for it. When I turned 18 and the opportunity came around, they were like, 'You're obviously going to the casting!'”如果你加入了大牌的公司(比如福特和精英),下一步就是确认他们真的为你进入维密实现梦想做了一切,。泰勒·希尔(维密天使)是这样告诉时尚网的:“自从我与IMG签约,他们给我的设定就一直是维密超模。他们一直致力于把我打造为一个天使超模。我一到十八岁有了去维密的机会,我的代理就说,嗯,你一定会被选上的!”

Attend a Victoria's Secret Casting参与维密超模选拔

Before each fashion show, the lingerie mega-brand holds a casting session for runway superstars. Invited aspiring catwalkers and current Victoria’s Secret models (yes, even the contracted girls have to prove themselves each season!) show off their personalities and toned bodies in front of Victoria’s Secret’s executive producers, casting director, and creative director.每次内衣秀前,这个内衣巨头就会举办走台超模选拔。邀请有野心的模特或是维密现有的模特(是的,即使是签约模特也要在每一季证明自己的实力!)向维密执行生产商,内衣秀导演以及创意执导展示自己的个性与好身材。

And while being cast doesn’t automatically make you an Angel (nearly 50 models strut their stuff in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but only a few are classified as Angels), it is a major step in the right direction. Just look at Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, Sara Sampalo, Elsa Hosk, and Lily Aldridge. These lovely ladies all appeared in one or more Victoria’s Secret fashion shows before being made official Angels.然而被维密选中并不意味着你就成为了天使超模(一场内衣秀有近50个模特走台,然而只有很少一些模特会被授予天使超模称号),这只能说明你上了维密内衣秀的台。看看泰勒·希尔,斯黛拉·麦斯威尔,莎拉·桑帕洛,艾尔莎·霍斯克和莉莉·奥尔德里奇,这些可爱的美女都是参加了一次或多次维密内衣秀后才正式成为天使超模的。

Outperform Hundreds of Hopefuls拥有百里挑一的胜算

That’s right—perform. Victoria’s Secret Angels do much more than make lingerie look fantastic. They’re brand ambassadors for the company, which means they’re media-savvy celebrities who have to work their personalities just as much as their bodies. They have to be spunky, approachable, relatable (a lot of Angels are mothers), and responsible (their contracts are rumored to have a morality clause, which means there’s zero tolerance for all-night antics and showing up late). What’s more, they have to document their healthy and active lifestyles on social media. If you want to make it through the first casting, you need to bring your A-game.对了——就是要把走秀当作表演。维密天使做到的不只是让内衣看起来更美。她们是公司的品牌形象大使,也就是说她们是媒体所知的名人,不仅需要展示身材,也要展示性格。她们需要勇敢,平易近人和亲切(很多天使超模已是人母了),以及有责任心(模特合约上被传有一条是道德条约,内容是对夜晚活动的滑稽不雅举动以及迟到的零容忍态度)。另外,她们要将自己健康而有活力的生活方式上传社交网络。如果你想过初试,那么就要做到全满分。