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Running an office involves a million moving parts: ordering supplies, troubleshooting, dealing with vendors, maintenance, payroll, etc.管理办公室涉及众多方面:订购物资、故障排查、与供应商沟通、维护、工资表等等。

Another important part of a manager's job is helping the office function on a daily basis. And the more efficiently an office is run, the more successful a business can perform.经理的另一个重要工作就是协助办公室日常运营。办公效率越高,企业就越成功。

Here are five tips to follow to keep your office running smoothly.以下是为使公司平稳运作你可以采纳的5条建议。

1. Organize.整理。

Becoming meticulously organized takes time, but so does searching for things amid clutter and chaos. That's why it's best to err on the side of organization. By taking the time to put everything in its place — from food items to office supplies — you'll spend less time looking for things and less time telling employees where they can find things. Be sure to arrange files, paperwork, and supplies in a clear and concise way, and avoid creating clutter by regularly getting rid of items you don't need.精心整理需要时间,但是在一片狼藉里找东西也要花费时间,这就是为什么要做好整理工作。花点时间把东西归位(从吃的到办公用品),你能更快地找到东西,也能更快告诉员工去哪儿找东西。一定要既有条理又简洁地整理好文件夹、文件和日常用品,还要定期拿走不用的东西,避免再弄乱。

2. Promote self-sufficiency.鼓励自己动手。

Your job is to manage the duties of the office, not serve as other employees' mother or maid. While a large part of your job will be to maintain order and cleanliness, it's important that you don't encourage employees to be helpless. Establish order in the office by laying down ground rules. For example, require employees to load the dishwasher to help reduce the time you spend cleaning up in the kitchen.你的工作是管理办公室事务,不是给其他职员当老妈子或佣人。你大部分工作是要维持秩序保持清洁,重要的是不能助长职工的无能。制定基本规定在办公室建立起秩序,比如,要求员工自己把餐具放进洗碗机就可以减少打扫厨房的时间。

3. Put things on autopilot.自动服务。

Having to remember countless details each day can get overwhelming. This is especially true for minor details such as re-upping on office supplies. To prevent yourself from forgetting to order supplies or equipment, schedule weekly or monthly reminders. And whenever possible, create recurring orders for specific supplies, such as weekly food orders or ink-cartridge replacements.每天要记住无数的细节会使你应对乏力,细枝末节更是如此。比如说办公室用品补给,为了避免忘记订购必需品或设备,做好周计划或每月提醒。无论何时只要有可能,就预定一些特定的必需品,比如每周的订餐或要更换的墨盒。

Services like HP's SureSupply Auto-Delivery take the stress out of keeping track of reorders. With Auto-Delivery, customers get notified when their printer is running low on toner and ink and are given the option to reorder.像惠普SureSupply自动配送这样的服务为你减轻记录重复订购的压力,因为自动配送,所以当客户的打印机里调色剂和墨所剩不多时就会通知客户,客户可选择再次订购。

4. Become a pro at multitasking.成为同时进行多个任务的专家。

Office managers are required to put out a lot of fires throughout the day while managing their own workload. To do this effectively it's important to be able to juggle multiple tasks at any given time, such as managing a team of administrators, working with vendors, planning staff meetings, and ordering supplies. Prioritize what you have to do each day while doing your best to not be distracted. (Being able to manage time effectively helps with multitasking tremendously.)办公室的经理每天处理分内工作时需要解决很多麻烦,为了高效完成工作,在特定时间内应付多项工作的能力就很重要了,比如管理团队、联系供应商、准备内部会议和订货。尽量不分心的同时还要每天安排好工作的优先次序(有效分配时间的能力能帮助你惊人地同时处理多个任务)。

5. Maintain a positive attitude.保持积极的态度。

Managing an office can be stressful given that there are so many things to do at one time and so many people to please. That's why it's essential to keep a positive attitude when dealing with coworkers. No matter how repetitive questions become or how helpless employees behave, you should try your best to be friendly, approachable, and — most importantly — patient when interacting with coworkers in the office.同时要处理如此多的事、使如此多的人满意,这么看来,管理办公室会给人很大压力。这就是为什么和同事共事时有必要保持积极的态度。无论问题重复提出多少次或者职员表现得多么无能,你都应该尽最大努力保持友善、平易近人,还有最重要的是,和办公室的同事共事时要有耐心。