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If you want to work at Netflix, you might have to answer some hard interview questions first.如果你想成为奈飞的一员,可能得先回答一些面试中的难题。

Using Glassdoor's information about Netflix, we've compiled some of the most difficult questions that people say they've been asked while interviewing for the streaming-broadcast company.从美国招聘网站Glassdoor提供的有关奈飞公司的信息,我们整理汇编了应聘者口中这家广播视频公司招聘面试中的一些最难的问题。

The questions say a lot about Netflix and its company culture.这些问题都在很大程度上与奈飞的公司文化有关。

No matter if you're looking for a customer-service job or a more technical position, Netflix's interview questions will give you a run for your money.不管你是想竞聘客服的工作还是更加偏向专业技术方面的工作,看看奈飞的面试问题,你会对自己的面试有些把握,一定是提神醒脑的。


“How many cans of paint would you need to paint one wing of a 747?” — Marketing manager candidate想喷涂波音747的一支机翼,你需要多少罐涂料?——营销经理候选人


“What does the word empathy mean?” — Customer service representative candidate“移情”这个词,你怎么看?——客服代表候选人


“How would you test the latest iPhone's new antenna system?” — Senior QA engineer candidate你打算怎样检测苹果手机最新的天线系统?——高级质检经理候选人


"A customer calls and angrily tells you that they ordered Barney (or similar toddler show) for their kid. The kid can work the DVD player, and knows the Netflix envelope. When the movie arrived the kid grabs it and pops it in. Turns out it's a slasher movie. What do you do?" — Customer service representative candidate顾客打来电话,生气地说他为孩子订购了Barney节目(或者是类似的儿童节目)。小孩会用DVD机,也知道哪个是奈飞寄来的信封。所以当影片寄件送到时,小孩一把抓过来就放入机子里播放了,却发现寄来的是一个恐怖电影。你该怎么处理?——客服代表候选人


"What would you tell someone that is calling to talk about how Blockbuster is better than Netflix?” — Customer service representative candidate如果遇到有人打电话一直说blockbuster怎么怎么比奈飞好,你该怎么应对?——客服代表候选人


“Tell me something that you did in the past, but don't want to do ever again.” — Engineer candidate告诉我一件你曾经做过但再也不想做一次的事。——工程师候选人


“Who do you think is Netflix's competitor and why?” — Creative coordinator candidate你认为哪家公司是奈飞的竞争对手,为什么?——创意协调员候选者


“How will you handle the culture difference from where you come from and Netflix?” — QA engineer candidate你会怎样应对进入奈飞后感受到的文化差异?——质检工程师候选人


“What was the most difficult termination you faced in your work history?" — Supervisor candidate在你的工作史上,最难以面对的终结局是什么?——监管员候选人


“Tell us about a time you screwed up at your previous job.” — Coordinator candidate给我们说说你在上一个岗位时搞砸的一件事.——协调员候选人


"What's your favorite TV show and movie, and how do you like to watch them?" — Senior software engineer candidate你最喜欢的电视节目和电影是什么,你为什么喜欢它?——高级软件工程师候选人


"Say the CEO stops by your desk and asks you whether or not we should go into an untapped market. How would you determine the size of the addressable market and the factors the Netflix should consider before deciding to enter the market?" — Senior financial analyst candidate如果公司的CEO走到你桌边停下脚步,询问你公司是否应该开拓新的市场,那么在打入市场前,你应怎样判定可开发市场的大小以及奈飞为进入市场需考虑的必要因素?——高级财政分析师候选人


"Explain how the process works from the time you enter into your browser and the data is rendered on screen." — Software engineering manager candidate解释一下浏览器中进入奈飞官网以及数据递交于屏幕的工作过程。——软件工程师经理候选人


"Of everyone on your team at your current employer, who would you keep and who would you fire and why?" — Senior software engineer candidate在你当今雇主的团队中,你会保留谁,你又会炒了谁?——高级软件工程师候选人


"How many people have you fired?" — Director of engineering candidate你炒过多少人了呀?——工程指挥候选人


"If Netflix is looking to expand its presence in Asia, what are some factors that you can use to evaluate the size of the Asia market, and what can Netflix do to capture this market?" — Senior financial analyst如果奈飞想要扩大自己在亚洲市场的份额,你可以利用哪些因素评估亚洲市场的规模?奈飞怎样做才可以抓住这个市场机遇?——高级财政分析员候选人


"How would you handle an employee that has attendance issues when we do not have an attendance policy in place?" — Customer service supervisor candidate在我公司没有出勤方面政策的前提下,你该怎样处理某员工的出勤问题?——客服监管候选人


"How would you determine if the price of a Netflix subscription is truly the deciding factor for a consumer?" — Market research analyst candidate你怎样判断会费高低是否成为了真正决定顾客选择的关键因素?——市场调查分析师候选人


"Name 5 devices you can watch Netflix on." — Systems engineer candidate说出五个你可以用奈飞看视频的设备。——系统工程师候选人


"How would you deal with extreme deadline pressure and a frantic work pace?" — Engineer candidate你怎样应对极大的交工期限重压以及近乎疯狂的快节奏工作?——工程师候选人


"How do you handle managing someone that is more than twice your age?" — Operations manager candidate怎样管理比你大一倍还多的人?——运营经理候选人


"What would you do if you were the CEO?" — Partner product group candidate如果你是CEO,你会做什么?——产品合伙组候选人


"Describe your ability to deal with a very opinionated co-worker." — Engineer candidate描述一下你对付过于刚愎自用的同事的能力?——工程师候选人