出差达人支招 如何让飞机旅行更舒适

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Cardiologist Martin Cowie spends much of his life on a plane.心脏病专家马丁·柯维有大把时间是在飞机上度过的。

With 150 trips a year, including jaunts to Asia every few weeks, numerous visits to Europe, biannual trips to the Americas and a yearly stop in Australia, it’s no wonder he regards the sky his second home.每年150次出行,包括每隔几周去亚洲、数不清几次去欧洲,两年一次去美洲,每年一次去澳大利亚,难怪他说天空是他第二个家。

For business travellers like 48-year-old Cowie, life can be a never-ending whirlwind of carry-ons, check-ins and clock-changes How do frequent travellers continue to look and feel human, through regular long-haul flights?对于像48岁的柯维一样经常出差的人来说,生活就是不断地准备登机行李、办理登机手续以及倒时差。这些频繁出行的人如何做到在长途飞行之后看起来或感觉和普通人一样呢?

To get through time zone trauma, Cowie has two key tricks — and one of them involves working less.柯维有两个方法可以熬过时差带来的痛苦—其中一个涉及减少工作量。

“Always watch your posture when flying. It’s too easy to end up with crossed legs, crunched up and at risk of deep-vein thrombosis and back pain,” he said. ”Nowadays, I rarely ever work on my laptop as it encourages such a bad posture on the flight.“飞行的时候一定要时刻注意姿势,跷二郎腿,或骨头嘎吱响很容易造成深静脉血栓和背部疼痛的风险。”他说道。现在,我很少使用笔记本电脑,因为这样容易在飞行时引起姿势不当。

“Remember few people have ever died of jet lag,” he added, but long flights can take their toll in other ways.他补充道“记住,很少有人因为时差而死,但是长途飞行会以其他方式让你痛苦。”

BBC Capital quizzed frequent business fliers for their best tips and tricks to beat jet lag and arrive five time zones away ready for the next meeting.BBC对经常因出差坐飞机的人做了调查,搜集了他们到克服时差,飞去参加有5个时差的地方开会的最佳办法。

Before you board登机前

Health is key, according to Jo Vickers, who runs her own travel public-relations firm, JV Public Relations in London. Vickers flies five times a month on average and has a regime she abides by to see her through long before she gets on the plane. “Strictly no booze,” is her foremost rule and getting plenty of exercise outdoors. She also does facial acupuncture, “which makes you look like you’ve had a face lift.”伦敦JV旅游公关公司的老板杰·维克认为健康是关键。维克平均每月做5次飞机,她有一套在登机之前严格遵守的养生之法。“坚决不要喝酒”是第一条,并且多做户外运动。她还会做面部针灸,“这样能让她看起来像做过拉皮。”

Hotelier Peng Loh, who travels from Singapore to other parts of Asia, Australia and Europe at least twice a month, is equally abstemious. In addition to avoiding alcohol pre-flight, he tries to “have a full meal on the ground before I get on the plane so I am not hungry and don’t need a meal [in flight]” he said.酒店经理罗彭每月至少要从新加坡飞往亚洲其他地区,澳大利亚和欧洲两次,他也是个有节制的人。除了避免饮酒,他“上飞机之前要饱餐一顿,这样他就不会饿了,也不需要在飞机上进食了。”

Dr Stefanie Williams, a dermatologist and medical director at European Dermatology London suggests topping up on Omega-3 fatty acids prior to the flight to prevent swollen feet and thread veins. The Omega-3 thins blood, helping to lower the risk of thrombosis, according to research. “You can do this by eating lots of oily fish or taking some fish oil supplements containing EPA and DHA for a couple of weeks prior to flying,” she said.史蒂芬妮·威廉姆斯博士是皮肤学家并担任欧洲伦敦区皮肤科主任医师,她建议在飞行之前补充ω-3不饱和脂肪酸以防止脚部水肿和网状静脉。Ω研究表明-3不饱和脂肪酸能够稀释血液,帮助降低血栓风险。她说:“在飞行前几周可以食用多脂鱼或者吃一些含有不饱和脂肪酸的鱼油。”

Settling into the journey旅行中

Once on the flight, comfort takes priority, as do staying hydrated and getting some sleep.在飞机上,舒适是最重要的,补充水分和睡眠也同样重要。

Vickers wears slip-on shoes along with flight tights: “Women always get water retention, so I put the tights on in the lounge,” she said.维克在飞机上会穿飞行紧身衣和穿脱方便的鞋子。她说:“女性总是需要维持水分,所以我会候机大厅时穿上紧身衣。”

She has her beauty regime down to an exact science. “I never wear make-up but always wear lip balm and hand cream,” Vickers said. “I use simple baby cream on my face. On my hair Philip Kingsley Elasticizer stops it from drying out and breaking.”她还有一套严格遵守的美容之道。“我从来不化妆但一定会涂唇膏和护手霜”维克如是说道,“我只在脸上涂简单的婴儿霜。菲利普·金斯利牌弹力素能防止头发干燥和断裂。”

Airplane air conditioners have the tendency to dry skin out, so it’s important to keep skin clean and hydrated, advises Dr Williams. “Take some wet wipes to remove make-up fully before you go to sleep. Also make sure to bring some thermal water spray.” Although moisturiser is beneficial, “layer upon layer will actually clog up pores, so one good application is enough,” she said.威廉姆斯博士建议道,飞机上的空调会导致皮肤缺水,所以保持皮肤干净和湿润很重要。“睡觉前用湿纸巾去除脸上的妆。并且带上保湿喷雾。“尽管保湿霜很有用,但脸上涂太多层会堵塞毛孔,所以使用一样产品就可以了。”

Rodman Primack, executive director of Design Miami, brings his own in-flight kit, including travel sizes cleanser, oil-free hydrating serum and deodorant “all of which I use on the flight to get ready to sleep; I try to maintain the same ritual on an overnight flight that I would at home.”迈阿密设计公司的执行总裁罗德姆·普瑞马克也有自己的登机必备品,包括旅行装洗面奶,无油保湿精华,除臭剂,“这些都是我在飞机上睡觉前必用的;需要在飞机上过夜时,我会试着保持和在家一样的睡前程序。”

On arrival到达前

Before disembarking from the plane, Vickers changes into her work clothing, then dons a pair of high heels. 飞机降落前,维克会换上职业装然后穿上高跟鞋。

Getting the body moving as quickly as possible once off the plane is also crucial. “When I disembark I make sure I walk very briskly as this really just gets the blood flowing again after a very long time sitting down,” Loh said.下飞机之后让身体尽可能的动起来也非常重要。罗彭说:“下飞机后,我会轻盈地走几步,这样能够再久坐之后让血液流动。”

Design Miami’s Primack has a meal as soon as he deplanes. “I immediately eat what is being eaten in the time zone I have arrived in regardless of what I may feel like,” he said. “I go for a run or walk. I never take a nap on arrival — that is disaster.”迈阿密设计公司的普瑞马克下飞机后马上进餐。他说道:“到达目的地之后我会马上食用当地的食品,无论我感觉如何。之后我会出去跑步或散步。我绝不在到达后睡觉——那就是灾难。”

Warding off jet lag克服时差反应

Jet lag, a confusion between the internal body clock and the external environmental time, is often one of the most unpleasant parts of travel.时差反应是生物钟和实际环境时间之间的差别带来的紊乱,是旅行中最令人痛苦的负面影响之一。

“We as humans were never expected to travel at speed across time lines so quickly; when you go beyond three time lines you can start getting jet lag,” said Dr Guy Meadows, who runs the Sleep School in London and is author of The Sleep Book.伦敦睡眠学校的校长以及《睡眠之书》的作者盖·米德斯博士称“我们人类调整时差的速度永远不会比飞越几个时区的速度快;当穿过3个时区后,你就会有时差反应了。”

The best thing to do, he said, “is immediately act as if you are in the host country when you get on the plane. Eat when they eat, sleep when they are sleeping. If it isn’t natural for you to be sleeping during the day on the plane, tire yourself out beforehand with exercise or make yourself drowsy with meditation or mindfulness,” he said.他说:“最好的方法就是下飞机后马上按照当地人一样活动。他们吃什么你就吃什么,他们什么时候睡,你就什么时候睡。如果白天你在飞机上睡不着,之前通过运动让自己疲惫或者通过冥想或思考让自己瞌睡。”

In general, it takes about one day to get over each hour of time difference from your home country, Dr Meadows said. One way to cut back on that time zone malaise? “Three days before your return, West to East, for example, each day go to bed an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier. So by the time you fly back, the time difference is reduced,” Dr Meadows suggested.通常一个小时的时差要花一天来适应。那减轻时差反应的方法呢?米德斯博士建议:“在回国前3天,比如你是从西方回到东方,每天提前一个小时睡觉,提早一个小时起床,这样等你回国后,时差就会缩短了。”

Loh also keeps his body clock in sync with his home country during short trips, so he doesn’t need to adjust when he returns home. “So from Singapore to London, I stick to Singapore time and go to sleep at 18:00 London time and get up at 2:00 do my emails and be in the office by 8:00 and finish off all my meetings by early evening if possible,” Loh said.罗彭在短途出行时,生物钟仍然和本国时间保持一致,这样回去后就不用调时差了。他说:“所以从新加坡到伦敦,我按新加坡时间活动,所以在伦敦当地下午6点时,我就睡觉了,凌晨2点起来处理邮件,早晨8点去办公室然后尽早结束所有会议。”

Dr Meadows recommends the power nap to combat jet lag. “The pressures of your old time zone bearing down on you can be sickening. Have a 10 to 30 minute power nap.” 米德斯博士建议通过小憩来克服时差反应。“本国时间带来的压力可能致病。花10到30分钟小憩一下。”