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If only it were possible to really know what a job will be like, before you take it. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you prepare and weigh the pros and cons before accepting a new position, there's no way to be 100 percent sure what you're getting into – until you're on the job, and then it's too late.早知道这工作是这样的,我就......不幸的是,不管你在走马上任前怎样权衡利弊,都不能对新工作有十足的把握——除非上岗,但这时候不就晚了嘛。Or is it? If you're just starting a new gig, and it's beginning to look more like a nightmare than a dream job, don't despair.真的是这样吗?当你开始一份新工作时发现你所谓的理想工作事实上是个噩梦时,不要轻易狗带。There are plenty of things you can do, right now, to minimize the pain and get your career headed back in the right direction.除了悲伤,其实还有好多可以做的事。就是现在,告别痛苦,走回正轨吧。1.Figure out whether the job is the problem. 1.弄清楚是工作的问题还是你自身的问题。Change is hard on most people. If you're someone who needs a while to feel comfortable in a new environment, give yourself that acclimation period before you assume your new job is at fault. You might need to adjust to new procedures, new people, a new corporate culture, before you can be sure that the job itself is the problem.对大多数人来说,做出改变是很难的。如果你是慢热型选手,需要一段时间来适应环境,进入状态的话,那么就要在适应了新环境一段时间后再对你的工作进行批判。新节奏,新同事,新文化......先试着去适应,不要轻言工作不合适。2.Identify the core issues.2.找到核心问题。Still feeling vaguely uneasy, after waiting out the "new kid" phase – or worse yet, perfectly aware of what you don't like about the new job?就算过了菜鸟期还是感觉不舒服?或是更糟糕:对自己讨厌新工作的原因一清二楚?Write it down. State the issues as clearly as possible, and be specific. If your new boss is the problem, is it her management style, attitude, skill set, priorities? If the role itself is what's bothering you, what would you change about it to make it better? The clearer you can be about what's making you unhappy, the better the chances are that you'll be able to fix it – or move on to a new job that suits you better.把这些写下来吧。把问题说得越明白越好,越具体越好。如果是新老板的问题,那么问问自己,是她的管理方式还是态度、能力或是价值观你看不过?如果就是你的工作让你不想做下去,那么就思考一下该怎样做来改善现在的局面。越清楚自己不爽的点,越有可能改善自己做新工作的心态——或者坚定你再换工作的信念。3.Look for silver linings.3.寻找不幸中的万幸。Unless you're independently wealthy, you probably can't stroll into your new boss's office and say, "Well, thanks for the opportunity. I think this is the part where I turn in my resignation letter," and walk out. (Although it's fun to fantasize about.) No matter what you decide to do, you're going to need to bide your time, at least for a little while.除非是个阔佬,否则一般人不会溜达进新老板办公室然后撂下一句,“欸,谢谢你给我这工作机会,要不我也不会这么想辞职呀。”结束,走人。(虽说这样yy一下挺爽的吧)不管你决定怎样做,人总是要学会忍耐,忍耐一段时间,看看能不能等来好时机。As you do that, look for the not-awful parts of your job. Chances are, there are things you'd like about this role, if it weren't for the deal-breakers you outlined above. Recognizing those good(ish) aspects won't just make you happier in the short-term, while you're stuck there; it'll help you understand what you enjoy doing at work in the long-term, which will guide you as you pick future job opportunities.当你这样做时,多看看新工作好的一面。说不定除了不满意的那些,你对新工作的某些地方还是喜欢的。这些好的地方可以让你在这一工作岗位的短暂停留时间里有所欣慰,也可以帮你在寻找下一个职位时了解自己所爱,这样也更有机会找到心仪的工作。4.Keep that resume up-to-date.4.保持简历内容更新。Even if you love your job, it's a good idea to do this. For an easier time tailoring your resume to future roles, you should also keep a copy of your CV without this latest gig on it. If you start looking for work the week after you take your new job, you won't want to include the role when you apply for new positions.即使你爱自己的工作,有所隐瞒也是可以的。再另投简历之前,这一份工作经历就不要写上去了;如果你是刚入职一周后就另谋高就,那么你可能更不想把最近的这份工作经历写进去了。Job hopping might not be a big red flag to every employer these days, but a two-week-long tenure at your latest job will raise some questions you probably don't want to answer. It's hard to be positive and professional and honest about why you're jumping ship so soon.跳槽二字在今天的雇主眼中可能没那么刺眼了,不过一个只维持了两周的近期工作经历所招来的问题和麻烦估计是你想要避免的。在回答为什么槽儿跳得这么快时,想要做到积极专业又诚实哪是件容易事。5.Network, network, network.5.人脉,人脉,人脉(重要的事情说三遍)。At least 60 percent of all jobs are found by networking. Your next job could be one of them. Now's the time to look up those old colleagues, roommates, professors, and friends, and take them out to coffee or connect them on Linkdin. You never know who will be the person to send the perfect job opportunity your way.百分之六十的求职者能通过人脉找到工作,所以你的下一个工作也可能成为其中之一。是时候联系联系老同事,室友,教授和朋友,带他们喝个咖啡或是聊个领英了。谁都说不准人生路上带给自己完美机会的伯乐是谁。6.Don't be afraid to move backward. 6.不要害怕退步。
If you moved on voluntarily, you can consider whether it's possible to go back to your old job. Sometimes, the way forward is by going back. If you liked your old job, but thought it was time to move on, this new situation might make you rethink that. 如果你自愿辞职,那么回到老岗位不失为一个选择。有些时候,我们完全可以以退为进。在你为了往上爬而离开自己所喜爱的岗位时,不满意的新工作能让你有机会想想要不要回到从前。7.When you move on, make this job disappear. 7.辞职后,将该职业经历抹去。Whether you return to your old position, find a new job, or quit to do something new (return to school, consult or freelance, etc.), the important thing to remember is that you're under no obligation to include every brief stint on your resume.不管是回到了老工作,找到新工作还是做了其他事(回学校念书、做咨询或是从事自由职业),需要明白的是不要把舍弃掉的那份工作的任何写入你的简历。If you stay at your less-than perfect new job for a very short period of time, and learn nothing that would contribute to your candidacy for another position, the smart move is to leave it off your CV.如果你在不满意的工作上做了很短的时间,又没得到什么真才实学,那么还是聪明点儿别把这事写进简历了。