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I found the secret in an unexpected place--an eight-month old Product Hunt我找到答案的地方是始料未及的——对一个出品八个月的产品的考察。

WhenI was younger, I had some bad habits.I was jealous--morethan I would have liked to admit. I had a good life, but I wanted more.I envied those around me who seemed to make it happen.年轻的时候,我确是有些坏习惯的。我有嫉妒心——尽管我不想承认这个事实。生活过得如意,而我偏偏更是贪婪;我嫉妒周围能取得成功的人。

That's why this short exchange in an eight-month-old thread on Product Hunt really caught my eye.It's about what to do when you've had success--and when you realize others are starting to feel frustrated as a result.如是原因,我对这个项目充满了兴趣——取得了成功以及心里清楚自己的成功对于别人来说可能也是带来了挫败感时,下一步动向该是如何。

"I was working on that..."“我最近忙着做.....”
If you're not familiar with ProductHunt, you should be. It's a place to discover cool new products just about every day. Earlier this year, the guys who founded the livestreaming serviceMeerkat took to the site to announce their launch.对producthunt有所认知还是必要的——年初,Meerkat的创建者正式启动了这个项目。在这里,探寻新产品几乎是每天都要做的事情。

It was a very popular thread, with all kinds of positive comments. One member of the community however, a programmer named Pierre Goutheraud (who goes by the screen name @httpete) found the whole thing to be horrible timing.He commented:"I was working on the same exact app... kinda depressed right now. "Man, did I ever feel for Pete--or Pierre, I guess. I've been there.有趣的尝试。反响也来得积极——除了一个程序猿Pierre Goutheraud(网名@httpete)的人觉得这事儿实在是个噩耗吧。他这样说道:“我还在开发我的app,然而meerkat就像他的双胞胎兄弟一样。”伙计,我懂你,这种事儿我经历过。


What was great was the response that Meerkat cofounder Ben Rubin gave. I can't help but quote it in full:Meerkat合伙人Ben Rubin的回应我要点赞,好想好想全部引用他说的这段话:

“PETE! What makes you think you are not capable of doing something better/different? It would be a very sad world if people just give up on ideas. I can tell you that live video space is still broken in terms of distribution mechanism, and that obviously Meerkat is not perfect. there's a very good chance that anyone in the world would come up with a better product / perspective. Please, go back to code. that's how we all build better things together, even when we work separately. --we learn from each other.”PETE!是什么让你觉得自己不足以做出更好或是有所不同的产品呢?若是人人都将灵光一现视为不可取,那么这个世界是可悲的吧。我直言,Meerkat确实还有缺陷,例如现场部分在机械分销上面仍有漏洞,而且我敢说总还有人会做得比我更好。所以求你了,回来摞码吧,和我在一起——虽然我们分开工作,但是我们总能互相学到很多。

I might be overstating to say Pierre was jealous--maybe a little bit frustrated. But Ben handled it perfectly--and admirably. The point is, when people look at your success and wish they could achieve it, the most highest response you can give is to encourage them to do so, even if it might mean ultimately outshining you.我真不夸张地说,Pierre起妒忌心了——挫败感可能也是有的。但是Ben处理地很完美,令人称赞。不难看出,重点在于当有人看见你的成功正是自己孜孜以求而不得之时,最好的答复便是也鼓励他们这样尝试吧,虽然这样做的结果可能是最终他们真的超越了你。

Meerkat, of course, the irony here is that Meerkat is facing a tough battle, since Twitter acquired its competitor Periscope not long after this Product Hunt thread. (I admit I came to the party late, and have only started checking outboth apps fairly recently--so I'm not sure at all what the future holds for Meerkat.)必须说,Meerkat现在也是不好过的——twitter在这项考察开始不久就把对手Periscope纳入了囊中(我承认自己加入这个考察晚了点儿,这两个app的审视才刚刚起步——所以我不能完全看清Meerkat的未来。)

However, as one of the commenters who saw Rubin's remark put told him: "Whether or nor Meerkat succeeds (and it seems to be going really well!), you have already succeeded at life with an attitude like that."然而作为看到Rubin回应的评论者之一,我要说:“不管Meerkat未来如何(虽然事实上一切进展的都很棒!),你有这样的态度就已经是赢家了!”




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