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Do you keep getting fired? You say you don'thaveany idea why this keeps happening to you. It must be that all your ex-bosses were losers or that you just have bad luck, right? Hmmm. That's probably not it.If you can't keep a job, there's a good chance it's you, not your boss or misfortune. Most people getfiredat some point in their careers, but those to whom this repeatedly happens can benefit from some self-examination.你是否总是被老板炒鱿鱼?你也不知道为什么这种倒霉的事总是发生在你的身上。肯定是由于你所有的前任老板都是失败者,或者这只是你的运气不好,对吗?恩,也许并不是这样的。如果你总不能保住自己的饭碗,很有可能是你自己的问题,而不是因为老板或运气不好。大多数人都会在职业生涯的过程中被解雇,不过那些常常被解雇的人们就需要从自我检视中获取经验了。

Take an honest look at your behavior and ask yourself if you might be to blame for your repeated job loss. Only after you do this, can you take the actions necessary to change this pattern.诚实地面对自己的行为,扪心自问,是不是不断被解雇这件事该怪罪的是你自己。只有踏出了这一步,你才能采取必要行动改变现状。

Let's explore some things that may be causing you to keep getting fired:我们来看看有哪些习惯或现象让你总是被解雇:

1.You Aren't Doing Your Work Well1. 你的工作完成得不好。

Do you take pride in your work or do you not care how it turns out? If you are more interested in simply completing a project than in doing it well, you may have just found the root of your problem. Most bosses do not want to pay employees whose work is poor. If your work is sloppy or if you make a lot ofmistakes, you will have to change your ways.你是否对自己的工作感到骄傲?或者你并不在乎它的结果如何?如果你更倾向于仅仅完成任务,而不是出色地完成它,那么这就是你问题的根源了。绝大多数的老板都不希望雇用工作能力低的员工。如果你工作很马虎,或总是犯错,你就该改改这种坏习惯了。

2.You Are Unable to Perform Some Simple Tasks2. 无法胜任简单的任务

Are there some tasks you don't know how to do? You may have the technical skills necessary to do your job quite well, but bosses expect their employees to be able to perform some simple tasks that keep workplaces humming along. For example, you should knowproper telephone etiquetteandhow to write a professional email.是否有一些工作任务你不知道如何着手?也许你具备了胜任这个职位的必备技能,不过老板们却希望员工们能够完成一些简单的小任务,维持公司的运作。比如说,你需要掌握得体的电话礼仪,知道如何撰写专业的邮件。

3.You Aren't Completing Work on Time3. 无法准时完成任务

Do you find it difficult to stick to deadlines?你是否觉得在最后限期前完成任务非常困难?

As they say, time is money. Employees who can't complete work as quickly as required cause problems for their employers. Is this your problem? You can solve it by improving yourtime management skills. Learn how to prioritize your work and delegate tasks to coworkers if you can. 正如人们常说,时间就是金钱。如果员工们无法在预期内尽快完成任务,就会给老板带来问题。这是你的问题吗?你可以通过提高自己的时间管理技能来解决这个问题。学会如何安排优先完成的工作并如果你有权力,可以给同事们分配任务。

4.You Don't Get Along With Your Coworkers4. 你与同事们相处得不好。

Are you always getting into disagreements with your coworkers?When employees don't get along with one another, workplaces suffer. As workers become distracted from their work, productivity declines.Obviously this concerns employers who will want to weed out anyone responsible for the strife.你是否常常与同事发生争执?当这种情况发生时,就会对公司造成不良影响。当员工们受别的事情影响而无法专注于工作时,工作效率就会大大下降。不可避免地也会影响到老板们,他们就会想办法把其中的主要人员剔除掉。

You don't have to love everyone with whom you work—you don't even have to like them all—but if you don't want to keep getting fired, try to havegood working relationships.你不需要热爱每一位同事,甚至你都不需要喜欢他们,但如果你不想要总是被解雇,那就学会培养良好的同事关系吧。

5.You Have a Very Quick Temper5. 你是一个急性子。

Do you get angry very easily? If you are unable tomanage your angerat work, your boss is likely to see you as a liability. Unchecked anger can escalate into physical violence. According to the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), each year almost 2 million Americans report they were victims of workplace violence. If you can't get your temper in check on your own, you may have to seek professional help.你是不是很容易就发脾气?如果你无法很好地处理工作上的气愤情绪,你的老板就很有可能认为你是一个累赘。无法抑制的怒火很容易发展成为肢体上的暴力行为。根据美国职业健康与安全管理局的报告显示,每年几乎有200万美国人成为了职场暴力的受害者。如果你不能好好地处理自己的情绪,你很有可能就该寻求专业建议了。

6.You Have a Negative Attitude6. 你的态度很消极。

Do you often complain about your job to your coworkers?Do you frequently talk about things you don't like about your employer or work environment?You may have just hit upon the reason you keep getting fired. While your complaints may be legitimate, employers don't likeworkplace negativity.It is highly contagious, spreading quickly from one employee to another. It is damaging to morale and can make productivity plummet. Rather than abiding by the motto "misery loves company," find ways to make improvements without bringing everyone else down.你是否常常跟同事们抱怨你的工作?你是否常常说一些你不喜欢老板或工作环境的话?那么你就刚刚好踩中了炒鱿鱼的地雷了。虽然你的抱怨有可能是有理有据的,但是老板们都不喜欢职场里的负面情绪。这会造成蝴蝶效应,迅速地会传给每一位员工。这会损害公司的士气并大大削弱了工作效率。不要盲目地坚信“同病相怜”这一说法,而应多寻找帮助大家增长士气而又不会打击大家的方法。

7.You Are Unwilling to Take on Difficult Projects7. 你不愿意承担困难的任务

Do you turn down an assignment if it looks too hard? Every time you do that, you are missing out on the opportunity to prove your value. Taking on difficult tasks allows you to show your bosses what you are capable of doing.It indicates you are motivated and willing to learn.You will, on occasion, have tosay no to your boss, but don't do that unless you have a good reason.For example, you may have to decline an assignment if adding it to your already packed schedule will keep you from completing higher priority work.你是否因为任务看起来非常困难而拒绝完成?每当你这么做,你都错过了一个让你证明自己价值的机会。勇于接受困难的任务能够把你的能力显示给老板看。这意味着你很乐意去学习。你会在某些情况下必须跟老板说不,但是你只能在持有很好的理由的时候才这么做。比如说,你有可能需要推掉一份任务,因为它可能会妨碍你早已安排好的更优先的任务。