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Vikash Kumar, Thinker, new to the corporate, B.Tech IIT Delhi

Do something which buys you happiness.花在能让自己感到快乐的事情上。

While studying in Delhi only for 4 years, I had visited Connaught Palace quite a few times. I used to see those children selling balloons and other stuffs all day long over there. I found this fact really disheartening that those children would be passing through the gates of these fancy restaurants like KFC and McDonald's on numerous occasions each and every day, many more than we people who actually go in there without actually knowing how does that food inside tastes. So a part my first salary was dedicated to treating a dozen of such kids at KFC and that 31st evening was truly one of the happiest moments of my life. Now the salary is a decent amount so rest of the things like sharing it with parents and treating my friends did followed.虽然我在德里只学习生活了4年,但我早已去过Connaught Palace很多遍了。以前我常常看到一些孩子们在那里售卖气球什么的东西,一卖就是一整天。而且我发现一件很让人感到心酸的事情,那些孩子们整天都得穿梭于诱人的餐馆,比如肯德基和麦当劳,但是他们跟我们不一样,他们根本不知道这些餐馆的食物味道如何。所以当我收到了第一份薪水,我就拿出一部分来请客,我请了十二个这样情况的小孩子吃肯德基,这个月末的夜晚是我人生中感到最快乐的一个晚上。如今我的工资水平已经相当不错了,接下来的事情就顺利成章了,比如和父母朋友分享自己财富。

Uday Kiran, Personal experience!

You must be young as you are getting first salary.当你拿到第一份薪水时,你肯定很年轻!

1. Start a Recurring Deposit for yourself. 1.为自己开一个定期存款账户。

After sometime the accumulated money will push you to make it a habit.当你不久之后看到存款,这就会驱使你养成储蓄的习惯。

2. Instead of buying gifts for your parents, start another R.D for them and make a promise to never break it until they need it. 2. 与其花费在给父母买礼物,不如也为他们开一个定期存款的账户吧,然后保证不到必要时不会使用里面的资金。

Put small amount, so that you won't get into cash crunch. After many years, parents appreciate you for this R.D than the first gift you gave.只存进一小部分,不至于陷入现金短缺的情况。多年后,父母就会对你的这一份礼物感到欣慰。

Ashish Kedia, Google Summer Intern 2015, San Francisco, US

Spend wise, all the best!花得对,什么都好!

This summer I got my first salary while working as an intern. The amount was huge and I had no idea what could I do with it.这个夏天我得到了我的第一份实习生薪水。薪水很高,我根本不知道该怎么花了。

The first thing I did was buy a Macbook Pro Mid 2015 model for myself. I also bought Pink Floyd discography.拿到薪水后,我第一件事就是买了Macbook Pro Mid的2015年款给自己,然后又买了Pink Floyd的专辑。

Apart from that I think the best thing I did was buying gifts for my whole family. I live in a joint family of 20 members. Each one of them was there for me during my struggle phase and it was essential to thank them. I didn't buy very expensive items but the genuine smile on their faces when they received their gifts was priceless. It was a great investment I think. I also bought gifts for my friends because in their happiness lies mine :)除此之外,我觉得我做得最有意义的事情就是给家人买礼物。我生活在一个20人的多代同堂的大家庭里。他们每一位都陪伴我渡过困难的时期而我也很有必要去表达对他们的感谢。虽然我买的礼物不算非常昂贵,但是当他们受到礼物时露出真诚的笑容让我感到一切都是无价的了。这是我认为最棒的投资。并且我也为我的朋友们购买礼物,因为他们的快乐也就是我的快乐。

Do something for those who helped you. Who care for you. Who love you. Who make your life worth living. They are the ones who deserve a share of your achievement. Thank them :)为帮助你的人做点事吧。那些在乎你的人,那些爱你的人,以及那些让你的生活变得有意义的人。他们非常值得分享你的成就。感谢他们。

Raghav COO, have been dabbling in Indian Stock markets since 1995

Give half the money to parents or buy gifts which they cherish for long.把一半薪水给父母,或者给父母买些他们珍爱已久的礼物。

Go to an orphanage and distribute clothes, sweets.到孤儿院为孩子们分发衣服和糖果。

Go to an old age home and spend time with them.到老人的家里做客并陪他们说说话。

Manish Khurana, You're awesome! Yes, you!

Celebrate. Buy presents for your loved ones in family. And also donate some part to the needy.庆祝呀!给亲爱的家人买点礼物。然后为有需要的人捐款。

Ahmed Balfaqih, Lots of people ask me for my opinion.

If any of your parents are still alive, give it to them. A small thank you token for all what they have done for you.如果你的父母还活着,那就把薪水给他们吧。象征着感恩他们一直以来的付出。

That is what I did.我就是这么做的。