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Worried about being considered a job hopper? Not sure how long you should stay at your job, even if you don't like it, because it might impact your future employment options? You're right to be concerned.担心自己会变成别人眼中的跳槽专业选手?因为不喜欢、且害怕影响自己职业生涯道路而对现在的工作状态摇摆不定?你该重视这个问题了。A Bullhorn survey reports that 39 percent of recruiters believe that the single biggest obstacle for an unemployed candidate in regaining employment is having a history of job hopping or leaving a company before they have been at a company for a year.Bullhorn的一份调查结果显示,逾四成的招聘者坚信对于求职失败的候选人来说,最大的坎儿就是有在公司做不到一年就跳槽的“黑历史”。In fact, hiring managers said that a 58 year old with a steady employment history is easier to place than a thirty year old job hopper.讲真,招聘经理说他们宁愿招年过半百但工作记录良好的忠心员工,也不会垂青而立之年、意气风发的跳槽小能手。Average Length of Time at a Job看看一份工作大家会做多久How long does a typical employee stay at a job? The median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer is currently 4.6 years, according to an Economic News Release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, that varies by age and occupation:普通员工平均在职多长时间呢?劳动统计局的经济新闻稿指出,工薪阶层的员工在职平均时间是4.6年。但是在职年份在职位和年龄上的分布却不尽相同:•The median tenure for workers age 25 to 34 is 3.2 years•25-34这一年龄段的工人在同一职位平均停留3.2年。•The median tenure for employees age 65 and over is 10.3 years•65岁以上的雇员在同一职位平均停留10.3年。•Workers in management, professional, and related occupations had the highest median tenure (5.5 years)•管理人员、各领域的专业人士以及从事相关工作的员工平均停留时间最长,达到5.5年。•Workers in service occupations had the lowest median tenure (3.2 years)•服务行业的员工工作最不稳定,平均下来停留时间只有3.2年。A History of Job Hopping跳槽的“黑历史”If you look at one year as a guideline for staying at a job, that can work for a job (or even two), but if you work at several jobs for only a year you are creating a job hopping work history and your resume isn't going to impress any hiring manager.如果你把自己的职业年限标准设定为一年一个职业,那么这一年里你从事一到两份职业是ok的,然而如果在短短一年内经历了多次跳槽,那么这一段“跳槽黑历史”相信无法帮你赢的任何雇主的芳心。Obviously, lay-offs can't be avoided, but if you are moving on by choice it's a good idea to consider what, if any, impact the move will have on your future prospects.显然,辞职是无法避免的事情,但是未经考虑就下决定未免太过武断,至少要考虑一下你的这一举动会不会对你的职业前景弊大于利。Sometimes work becomes so negative and difficult that staying may not be an option. Or, you could have been recruited for your dream job. In those cases, you don't need to think too hard about what to do.当工作变得如此不易,让你做不到且行且珍惜时,留恋不如放手。或是当你发现自己当年因为一时脑抽而与理想工作失之交臂时,不用纠结,果断脱身。In other cases, it can be simply a question of being bored or not challenged and that's when it's time to think twice about leaving.然而在其他情况下,如果仅仅是因为现在的工作太无聊或是太平淡,那么辞职这件事,需要你三思而后行。Questions to Ask扪心自问If you have short term jobs in your employment history, ask yourself some questions before you decide to start a job search or resign:如果在你的简历上有曾经从事短期工作的经历,那么首先问问自己如下的问题,再出发求职:•Are you leaving for the right reasons (better job, more money, more flexibility)?•辞职的理由妥当吗(更好的机会,更丰厚的薪水,更大的工作弹性)?•Are you prepared to assure employers that you aren't a high risk hire?•准备好怎样向雇主澄清自己不是习惯性跳槽了吗?•Is changing jobs now going to help or hinder your career?•换工作对你的职业生涯有帮助还是有坑?•Is there anything you can do to improve the situation at your current job if the timing isn't right?•如果真是时机不对,那么你对自己现在的工作状况提升真的束手无策吗?•Is this the right time to move on for both personal and professional reasons?•现在跳槽,是天时地利人和的吗?•Will changing jobs now impact your chances of securing a new job later on?•这次跳槽,会不会导致下回跳不进更好的槽儿?Staying Too Long at a Job坐吃山空On the other hand, staying too long at a job can also hinder your employment prospects. A lengthy tenure with one company can give the impression that you aren't interested in growing your career. It can also lead employers to think that you may not have the flexibility for success in a new role.过犹不及的是,在一个职位上待的时间过长也会影响你的职业发展。长期停留在同一岗位会给人留下不思进取的职业印象。也会让雇主认为你无法变通和胜任新的职位。When is the best time to change jobs? The bottom line is that it's a question of balance. There isn't really such a thing as a perfect resume, because there are so many reasons for leaving a job and for staying at a job.那么何时才是换工作的最佳时机呢? 底线就是当你做决定的时候原因讲得通。其实完美的简历是不存在的,因为在一个人决定离职或是继续工作时,可能考虑的因素有千千万。However, do be cognizant of the fact that your decisions matter on a long term basis as well as a short term one.不过这里我还是要提醒一句,做决定时,务必将长期发展与短期效益相结合来考虑。